Arkansas Concealed Handgun License Classes
Highland, Sharp County AR


Are you looking for an instructor so you can get the training required to obtain your Arkansas Concealed Handgun License? 

My name is Matthew Hoppe and I am a registered Firearms Safety Training Officer. That is what Arkansas calls the instructors authorized to teach the concealed carry course.

Do you desire a legal means to defend yourself or your loved ones? Even if you are completely new to firearms, I will work with you and give you the training you need to responsibly carry a firearm for self defense. I am known for my patience. I try to tailor my courses as best I can to the experience level of the student.

The cost of the course is $50 per person, with a minimum of three people. I keep a list of interested persons so I can help you combine with others who want to take the course. It includes all the paperwork required, including fingerprints. I encourage all applicants to bring their own handgun and ammunition if they already have one that they plan to use for concealed carry. But I do have a handgun available for rental, and it might make sense to hold off on that purchase of a new gun, till you have your training and know better what to look for, especially if you are new to this. I do cover selection of a firearm, as well as concealment options, in the class.

The class takes 7-8 hours and covers, among other things, laws, gun care and usage, as well as a live firing session. The firing will take place on my private firing range conveniently located behind my house.

I can also provide the training required to renew your Arkansas CHL. This course is $20. Renewal is every five years. And for those who wish to improve their skills with their handgun, I do offer one on one training at an hourly rate of $20/hour.

The State of Arkansas charges $141.50 ($147.25 online) for a five year license with a $50 discount for senior citizens. This includes the background check fees. You have six months to send in the paperwork and pay after taking the class from me. Arkansas charges $60 for license renewals (every five years). You can either send in a paper application, which I will help you fill out during the course, or you can fill one out online before you come. An online application is processed faster.


What to bring
Handgun and Ammo (or rental fee if you use my handgun ($10))
Hearing and eye protection (or you can use mine)
Drivers license
Money for class
If you filled out an application online, I will need the number they gave you.

Matt Hoppe
104 Turkey Pen Road
Highland, AR 72542
ASP Registration number 11-743.


Download the rules and laws

I am located behind the red mule in Highland. Here is a map.